Our Story

I am Debra Chase and I am the visionary behind CrossFit Skunk.

I am a CrossFit Certified Level 1 Coach.  I’m in my late 40’s, live in Warwick, New York and have been CrossFitting for over 6 years. After finding CrossFit, I was eager to get out there and pursue my passion of sharing my knowledge about CrossFit and how it literally changed my life on so many levels.  

Prior to my CrossFit days, I had worked in the corporate world and it was killing me.  Sitting all day, not eating right, commuting over 90 minutes to a job I hated was simply a miserable existence. I was in a difficult marriage that was suffocating me. I was tired all the time and was unable to keep up with my kids.  I knew I needed to take control of my fitness.   

I was introduced to CrossFit by someone at work. I made the call to my local box that afternoon in September 2011 and never looked back. It helped me get my body back (even better than I had EVER imagined) and in doing so, helped me find my self-esteem, gave me the mental strength to leave my marriage, gave me the energy to run and play with my two boys.  It completely transformed how I looked at fitness and myself. CrossFit is the only thing physical I've ever done this consistently in my life.

I know firsthand how many men and women are in the same exact position I was in all those years ago. I hear all the time "I need to get in shape before I walk into a CrossFit". "I can't do what you do". "I will never look like you so what's the point".  I want to scream and say, "NO NO NO NO.....CrossFit Skunk is where you go to get all of those things and more!!"

Yours Truly,

- Debra Chase