Youth Strength & Conditioning Program

Youth Athlete Development Program MONTHLY.png

We are pleased to announce our new partnership with Elevation Strength & Conditioning - Billy VanDyke, CSCS.  Billy will be coaching a Youth Strength & Conditioning Program for ages 13-17, to improve their sports performance & overall fitness using evidence-based programming and techniques for the upcoming school year and beyond.   

Each class will consist of no more than 12-15 athletes which will give Billy the eyes he needs on each athlete to ensure safety and accuracy of each movement and workout.  For the larger classes, there will be an assistant coach there for an additional pair of eyes to ensure the safety of all the athletes.  The focus will be on gaining speed, agility and quickness along with strength and power.  

Along with the youth program, Billy will be available for 1:1 personal training and small group (2:1 or 3:1) training for any age.  These classes are geared toward those who want a smaller, more personalized approach to training.  Please click here for the Personal Training pricing. (please put a link to the pricing page)

Billy is a Rowan University graduate with a BA in Health & Exercise.  He is also a certified strength and conditioning specialist and has over 150 hours in Physical Therapy observation.   He has also trained multiple, current Division I athletes at Pope John XXII High School and is an ex-collegiate DIII Lacrosse Athlete at Acadia University himself holding multiple records in their Lacrosse Program.  

The cost for the monthly membership is $115.  This is an ongoing program. 

A personalized, guided nutrition program with Weigh To Go PTN is available for $99 for the six weeks. 

Classes will meet at CrossFit Skunk on Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 4:00-5:00PM. 

Please let us know if you have any questions, or to register!  

We are looking forward to seeing you in the gym and getting you super ready for the upcoming sports seasons & beyond!