September 2019: Stephen Rovetto


What is your favorite thing or things to do when you're not at CFS? 

I live to go camping and do pretty much anything outdoors. Trying new/unique beer and food is always at the top of my list also!

What made you want to start CrossFit?

I needed to lose weight and make fitness a priority. I didn’t know much about CrossFit but it seemed intimidating so I wanted to challenge myself.

What motivates you through a tough WOD? 

Knowing that it will be over soon enough and by the end of each workout, I will be a little more fit and stronger than the day before.

What is your favorite motivational quote?

The tattoo I have on my arm from FDR  when he said "the only thing to fear is fear itself"

What is some advice you'd give to someone new to CrossFit Skunk or just started CrossFit? 

Don't be intimidated and probably one of the biggest misconceptions for people thinking of trying DON'T need to already be in shape to start. I hate when people say that are thinking about starting it but want to run and lose weight first. Everyone starts somewhere at all different shapes and sizes and as long as you show up for class and do your best, you will be that much stronger and more fit the next day.

What is something you've done at CFS that you never thought you'd do? 

I never thought I would progress so much in the Powerlifting aspect of Crossfit and never thought I would be able flip those huge tires or do a double under!

What are your CrossFit goals? 

To be able to consistently RX the WOD's everyday and do some good consistent pull-ups

What is your most favorite or least favorite movement? 

Definitely overhead squats!

What is your biggest accomplishment since starting CrossFit? 

Every time I am able to increase my one rep max during weightlifting is a big sense of reminds me that I am constantly getting stronger and CrossFit is working!

What have you learned since joining CrossFit Skunk?

People (myself included) are capable of doing things they never thought they could. You need to challenge yourself no matter how intimidating something is. I love watching people do things like a box jump for their first time when they are terrified but still push themselves and finally realize they can do it and get super proud of themselves.

Debra Chase