August 2019: Julie Belcher


What is your favorite thing or things to do when you're not at CFS? 

I enjoy doing yoga, going to the beach, hiking and spending time with my family, friends and fur babies.

What made you want to start CrossFit? 

I needed a change in my workout habits because lifting and just plain old cardio wasn't doing it for me anymore and I was bored. I had to run out to the store one day and saw it was the grand opening of this "Skunk place". I walked in, met Deb and took an introductory class - the rest is freaking history! 

What motivates you through a tough WOD? 

I'm very competitive so I tend to beat myself up and let my ego get in the way.  However, I have learned to take a step back and tell myself "this sh*t isn't easy" and then lose myself in that hour workout, because I'm in the process of becoming better!

What is your favorite motivational quote?

"I'M the strongest thing I've had to overcome." 

What is some advice you'd give to someone new to CrossFit Skunk or just started CrossFit? 

It's going to take awhile to figure it out...scale your workouts, don't be scared or embarrassed.  Allow yourself room for growth and improvement. EMBRACE THE SUCK and become comfortable with being uncomfortable!  Get out of your own head.

What is something you've done at CFS that you never thought you'd do? 

Handstand push-ups and dead lift 200+ pounds.  

What are your CrossFit goals?

To become stronger and set new PR's.  Get those damn double-unders mastered and maybe eventually compete. 

What is your most favorite or least favorite movement? 

My most favorite are deadlifts, back squats and thrusters - my least favorite are box jumps.

What is your biggest accomplishment since starting CrossFit? 

Losing weight and starting to feel better about myself and during this journey...finding my way back to ME again. However, being able to run a mile + and completing my first Spartan race is pretty kick ass too!  

What have you learned since joining CrossFit Skunk?

The community aspect here at CrossFit Skunk is a strong one and you're going to make friends whether you like it or not. #mytribe.   CrossFit is hard...PERIOD and what helps me endure is the support of my fellow athletes and coaches and feeling like you're not alone in the process. 

Debra Chase