May 2019: Bill Romash


What is your favorite thing or things to do when you're not at CFS?

Family, playing football, old cars

What made you want to start CrossFit? 

[I was at the] heaviest of my life and no energy/workout direction

What motivates you through a tough WOD? 

Fellow athletes/workout partners and the instructors

What is your favorite motivational quote? 

Pain is weakness leaving the body!

What is some advice you'd give to someone new to CrossFit Skunk or just started CrossFit? 

You'll get as much out of CrossFit as you put in.. and keep at it!!!!

What is something you've done at CFS that you never thought you'd do? 

 Double unders!

What are your CrossFit goals? 

[To] get to target weight of 225

What is your most favorite or least favorite movement? 

Favorite:  Athlete of month honors

What is your biggest accomplishment since starting CrossFit? 

 Losing those first 30lbs

What have you learned since joining CrossFit Skunk?

The friendship and motivation from everyone in the CrossFit family goes a long way to success! 


Debra Chase